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Dr Fred Wu

CEO of GE Consult Asia

Corporate Consultant of Felcra-BPSB

Associate Consultant of Enactus-UNM (University of Nottingham Malaysia)

Former Business Consultant for TNB, Felcra, KPRJ and Brahim’s SATS


Widely known for his incredible market mechanism and technical know how, Fred has over 16 years of hands-on turnaround consulting and business plan experience He has been responsible for the creation and execution of corporate and turnaround strategy for many startups, SMEs and large corporations across sectors and regions. In numerous client engagements, he has been known to create significant value for investors and corporations through financial and operational performance improvement as well as corporate turnaround exercises where he has saved ailing enterprises from losing multimillions to back in profitable trend in a year. He is a specialist in devising and executing plans to deliver results with immediate impact on valuation through corporate strategy, feasibility study, revenue stream design, KPI improvement and cash flow management.


Widely known for his creativity and “can-do” attitude, Fred has created/co-founded numerous best-selling products and brands such as Akemi ProModal, Sleepedia, SleepTech, Microtex, BotanicSilk, ColourActiv, TT360, Milkcow Malaysia, Alat Dapur Malaysia etc. and generated more than USD500mil revenue.

GECB Strategy Masterclass:

Taking Entrepreneurs’ Knowledge on Strategy to Top Level

The GECB Strategy Masterclass Workshop is aimed at developing the knowledge and core competencies that nowadays managers and entrepreneurs need in taking their part of their organisation to the next level of strategic management.  It demonstrates the process by which strategic management capability is planned, organized, led and controlled.


This fast-paced GECB strategy training is focusing on cutting-edge thinking and practical know-how in strategic management in the context of development of top-notch Financial Roadmap (FRM), Business Roadmap (BRM) and Human Roadmap (HRM) by GECB Masters.

What will happen when capital mechanism meets market mechanism?


Learn from renowned GECB Masters – the market mechanism guru Fred Wu at the #GameChangerSeries workshop on "Building a Marketable Enterprise that Attracts Investors and Retains Talent".


Why You Should Attend:

  • Analyse effective methods of company valuation.

  • Find out how to measure the benefits and effectiveness of company valuation.

  • Leverage on a powerful Financial Roadmap (FRM) and Business Roadmap (BRM) to attract, retain and manage talent.

  • Case studies to be discussed.

  • Learn from GECB Masters Fred Wu, who have transformed numerous Startups, SMEs and large corporations locally and internationally.


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