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GECB Retail Experts:

Your Trusted Partner in Retail

GECB Retail Expert is a dynamic team of retail experts led by retail guru Fred Wu, offering the best-in-class retailing consulting solutions. GECB Retail Expert offers its retail and supply chain clients market insights, in-depth knowledge, practical strategy and the technique to increase tractions, sales, profits as well as customer satisfaction.


At GECB, our experts work in partnership with our clients on consulting contracts and/or ad-hoc short-term assignments. Our flexible approach means we can work as retained advisors, consultants or as a leader or member of your executing team.

Retail Restructuring

Retail Licensing Plan

Operating Manual Development

Licensing Development

Feasibility Studies

In-store Innovation

Retail Pricing & Financials

Break-even Analysis

Retail KPI Dashboard

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Every retailer needs a

5-year plan to chart its retail operations effectively, GECB Retail Experts will guide clients along the way.


Every successful store has amazing shopping experience, our creative team can create an impeccable effect to vow your customers.


What store concept / positioning will give the best economic result? GECB Retail Experts will provide the best retail strategy.


Need a new branding or a brand  restructuring plan to reinvigorate your existing operations? GECB retail teams are Marketing communication experts.


Need experts to communicate to your customers? Or simply need outsourced marketing operations experts to handle?


Top retailers have immaculate retail execution, and GECB Retail Experts can fix your problems through ad-hoc project or contracts.


Supply chain is critical in making a retail success, GECB Retail Experts have the hands-on experience especially in turnaround projects.


Big data is crucial in every retail corner, use GECB Retail Analytics for real-time  retail insights to maximize margins, minimize markdowns etc.


Our retail experts work with clients to define new opportunities while resolving strategic and operational issues, therefore, to develop, strengthen and realise the retail business plan.


We combine rigorous analyses, risk management, retail business plan with creative thinking, strategic vision and hands-on implementation. Contact GECB Retail Experts to know more today!

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